Thursday, January 24, 2013

Giveaway of the Triple Century!

It's my three hundredth blog post!
That seems, to me, a lot of little moments I've shared with you. 
A lot of small time wonders I've written about. 
A lot of photos and musings and blessings.

I've blogged pink, red, blue, and yellow!
I've blogged fairy wands, sandpits, robots, and pencils.
I've blogged Albert, Abby, and Calico Jack.
I've blogged slices, cakes, and cheesecakes.
I've blogged marriage, babies, and big kids.
I've blogged about God, dreams and loss.  

I'd like to celebrate with a giveaway! 
Leave a comment on this post, sharing one of your own small, wonderful moments from the past week (like seeing your gorgeous girl walk around in her piggy nose?), and I will randomly select someone to receive a package of small and wonderful things!

(This time, I am only able to post to an Australian address. If you live elsewhere, you may enter as long as you have a friend in Aus to receive the package! Entries close on Jan 31st, 2013)


  1. Seeing Alyssa's excitement & amazement when I surprised her with a dream sleepover tent that I'd made, taking up most of her bedroom. She had one of her best friends sleeping over on Wednesday night, and as Alyssa was out with a different friend in the afternoon, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to surprise her for her sleepover. They both loved it!! And the really great time they had at this sleepover, made all the effort worthwhile. Grace.

  2. This week Emma has been taking her Teddies out to the swings, arranging them neatly so they are all sitting up straight. Then she pulls the swing back and says "Ready....go!....push!" After a couple of swings she pulls them all off and arranges them all again on a different swing. Its very sweet. Mandy

  3. have loved reading your posts Katherine. Look forward to the next 300. I have loved many small moments this passed week - savouring moments before school goes back - in particular my youngest who starts school this year. Moments like when he drops everything he is doing to come and wrap his arms around me and say "I love you, mum" Moments like seeing him join in bigger kids things - like backyard cricket. Moments when you walk into the rook to find your kids crafting together, minus the fights and minus mum having to suggest it. Moments like playing beach cricket together and swimming at the beach together.
    I love seeing you capture your children's small moments and it inspires me to capture mine.

  4. One of my wonderful moments from my week was looking up at the crowd at my son's birthday party and feeling very blessed to have such wonderful people in my life and so blessed to have my little boy in my family!

    Congrats on your 300th post! Well done! I love your blog and following the beautiful things that you share here!

    Love Martine

  5. A small wonderful moment... hmmmm... just one was yesterday when a Canadian friend wrote in her facebook status update that she was missing me. Another agreed. That might sound silly, in fact I feel silly even mentioning it, but I felt special to be missed by friends. And it really touched my heart. So it was wonderful, but also made me sad that we left such an amazing place and lots of beautiful people behind. This weeks task is to write lots of letters and send them abroad!

  6. Not sure if this is wonderful or baby started pre-prep this week and was so happy to go and happy for me to leave him for the day. My big grade 1 boy also does not require me to walk him to his classroom. A little sad that they don't want to cling to me, but also so proud at how grown up they have they are the little moments from my week :)

    Karen K - sorry don't have an account

  7. A random yet wonderful moment for me this week was finally finishing sorting through all of our clothes .... A lengthy yet very satisfying moment .... A sneaky second moment would be being on the receiving end of the million kisses my son gave me after he woke up the other morning .... Jayde xx


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