Monday, January 7, 2013

I Scream, You Scream

Summer has well and truly arrived. 
So... I've taken it upon myself to celebrate with a whole week of ice cream posts!

I like ice cream a whole lot
It tastes good on days that are hot
On a cone or in a dish
This will be my only wish
Vanilla, Chocolate, Rocky Road
Even with pie, a la mode
(Vada Sultenfuss - My Girl)

These ice cream cone cupcakes were taken to Kindy for India's last-day-of-Spring birthday.
Very simple to make.
Bake cakes in mini cupcake tray (don't overfill them!)
Pipe a little buttercream icing around the inside of the mini cones and push the cupcake on to the cone.
Ice the cakes, going over the rim slightly (the messier, the better)
Add some sprinkles.

I covered a nappy box in pretty paper, and cut in some crosses to display the cakes.
This size is perfect for little mouths (can you believe that all the kids in her class ate all their cake/cone!)

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