Monday, January 14, 2013

Gelati Party

Back in 2007, to celebrate the impending birth of our second child, we organised a gelati party baby shower. It was in my pre-blogging years so I haven't ever shared it, or the few photos I have.
We decorated in (unisex) gelato colours of lime, lemon and orange.
Our friends and family gathered and made predictions about our soon-to-arrive bundle.
I bought an ice cream maker, and spent weeks stocking our freezer with icy delights.

The first course was 'A Trio of Fruits': blueberry sorbet, lemon gelato and watermelon sorbet served in a hollowed out orange.
The second course was 'The Cone of Indulgence': double chocolate gelato with pistachio gelato or mint ice cream, served in a crispy waffle cone.
The third course was 'A Tropical Tempter': coconut lime gelato served with sweet tortilla chips.

It's lovely to remember this relaxed day. 
And those 9 months that I carried our sweet and delightful daughter, India!


  1. She loves just about any food you give her! She's pretty awesome like that.


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