Sunday, January 6, 2013

Simplify my Relationships

I have some wonderful friends. And for a long time I've wanted to acknowledge them on this blog. So it's time for some raps.
(Domonique Bertolucci thinks that there are six types of friends. 
Most of mine fit into one (or many) of these categories.)
The friend that's cooler than you: Ange, Liz, Bek, this is you. Younger, hipper, and heaps of fun.
The friend who is up for anything: Debb, this is you. I text "bad morning", and you enthusiastically meet me for coffee within half an hour.
The friend who you aspire to be: Tash and Martine, this is you. Always interesting, inspiring, and encouraging.
The friend who doesn't know your other friends: Lauren, Jo, Adela, Leilani, this is you. My new friends! It's a privilege to get to know you more.
The friend who's honest: Jayde, Karen, Anna and Melissa, this is you. You give me reliable advice and feedback.
The friend you've known a long time: Kathryn, Ruth, Kate, Melanie, and Wendy, this is you. We don't see each other much, but when we do, it feels like we can take off just where we left.

There are others, of course, who I love and cherish and appreciate.
And if I see even less of you all this year, I hope you won't wonder if I'm your friend.
Because I need to simplify. 
To prune off some lovely green leaves.
And spend more time enriching the roots.

My children are blessed to have 4 Great-Grandparents, but they hardly see or talk to them.
So much history, culture, and love to pass on.
And it goes both ways.
I don't want them to miss out!


  1. Your friendship means the world to me! But you already know that.. Love you and I look forward to more snapshots of your beautiful blessings with they're GREAT grandparents!!

  2. Love you heaps Katherine! Hopefully we can catch up this year!! :)) Martine


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