Saturday, January 29, 2011

Creativity over cleaning

There were rice bubbles everywhere.
As I walked among the mess, I (calmly) asked for an explanation from my two girls. India (cautiously) answered,
"I needed some for my picture".
Rice bubble snow.
I thought it was beautiful. And creative. I didn't care about the mess (though she did help me sweep later).
That moment says a lot about me, and what makes my heart happy. I like my kids to play. To enjoy their toys. To create.
And I like those things for me too. A few nights a week, when the children go to bed, I give myself an hour to do something creative (after clearing the table, washing up, tidying the lounge and playroom etc etc).
If you visit my house you will see that the walls need washing, the laundry pile is never empty, and the floors most certainly need to be mopped. But, by embracing play and creativity, that is my reality. As a Mum, I won't ever be on top of my 'to do' list.
And I'm going to learn to be ok with that!
The girls made these flowers for a special big friend when he was unwell. You can find them here. And while you're out in blog world, take a peak at some of my favourite, creative bloggers showing their 'real lives' too: Meg, Rubyellen, Anna Maria, and Heather.


  1. Oh I love the rice bubble snow idea.. must try that one day Elara!

    And Kat you don't wanna see my laundry.. lucky for me I only get visitors once every three months!!

  2. The title of this blog almost made me cheer out loud! Love it!

    PS - The top pic of Elara is alllllll Mummy!


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