Saturday, January 15, 2011

Why I prefer to spend my time baking chocolate cakes

Not much bread or milk around town here,
and we're certainly low on fruit and veggies.

So I made some bread today (kneading is so therapeutic!)
And some pumpkin soup to get our fruit and veg intake up.
Remember I said I would try to put more effort into our dinners this year...

Well I loved it.
Tim skipped dinner because he was in the groove with the gardening/mowing.
The girls would only eat a bit of bread with peanut butter on.
And even then they left the crusts.

Sometimes dinner just doesn't work!


  1. Ohhh so jealous!!! Clare and I would LOVE some home cooked healthy pumpkin soup and bread right now. Send some our way :). J

  2. Hi Katherine, if you guys are low on bread I can possibly drop some by on Monday (you are at Narangba right?)I just need to wait and see if the bakery I get the leftovers from has enough or not.
    Just send me a msg on facebook if you are interested.

  3. Well you can only try! I hope you enjoyed it though!

  4. Welcome to my world Kat! J never eats anything! If we cook a hot meal he will only eat his meat and potato. He does not eat fruit, vegies, rice, pasta, noodles or beef. I am so over trying to please him I have created a rewards chart. Ever since then he has been eating the lot.. well sometimes. I am yet to get him to eat spaghetti bog, chicken satay or even a simple rissole! Miss 1.. well she eats anything that goes in her bowl. And sometimes eats J's dinners too! lol I find it easier when I don't watch him eat.. less attention to him means more food goes in his mouth. It's a constant battle here too so your not alone :]x

  5. Ohhhhhh homemade bread and pumpkin soup... your bestie would have loved that much more!!! So sad the kids didn't like it, I wouldn't like my chances with Ash either, but oh just the thought of it all ... yummmbo!


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