Friday, January 7, 2011

Embrace the camera

Be prepared for plenty of uncool photos of me on my blog this year, as I'll be participating in (sweet and funny) Emily's Embrace the Camera Challenge. You can read all about it here. It will motivate me to pictorially document my growing relationship with my kids. It might motivate me to brush my hair once in awhile, though clearly not in this photo! Tim snapped this one after Zeb 'mysteriously' got pen all over himself.

embrace the camera


  1. how amazingly cute is zeb in that picture!! Mysteriously got pen on him or hurricane India came through! :P I love how happy Zeb always is..wait till he has teeth to fill that smile of his! Nay

  2. Ah yes, the mysterious pen syndrome....think I recognise the symptoms. Glad to see Zeb is developing artistic talents, starting with self portraits! Nice pic of you both.

  3. love it Katherine.. he smiling like there is no tomorrow :)

  4. ha, i love this picture! pen on the face...we've been there and done that :)


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