Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Embrace craft and charity

Eighteen months ago I had a dream that some wonderful friends of mine would do wonderful things for children overseas. I dreamt that they would travel to Asia and that my crafting would help to get them there. They came to visit me before Christmas to share some news with me. They are moving to China before the end of 2011, to work in an orphanage!
So, this year I’d like to open an etsy store to support them, with all profits going towards their flights, accommodation, food, and living expenses. Practically, though, I just don’t have the time to keep an etsy store stocked and running.
I need help.
I need a bunch of crafters who can make cool stuff to stock in a communal store, and who are prepared to give the profits of their stock to this couple and their mission. In turn, the crafters will benefit by learning the ins and outs of etsy, without committing to their own store. They will learn what sells well, and at what price. They may even develop a customer base for starting their own store!
I’d love your feedback
1: Do you think this can work?
2: Can you contribute? It could be one single item or one item per week (or anything in between).
3: What kind of crafty goodness would you like to see me make for the store? New ideas (like these luggage tags I made recently)? Or some of these old favourites: bunting; nappy/diaper bags; bibs and booties; caribena pouches; kid’s dress ups; softies; hooded towels; felt crowns; or kid’s clothes.
I’m so excited!


  1. hey Katherine! I love the idea! sounds fantastic! The luggage tags are very cute...also your other ideas for etsy store sound great and you make such cute things I'm sure they will get snapped up! I'd be keen to help (maybe) not sure with new bubs and all but even if I'm not able to contribute would love to encourage you in your creative endeavours and your craft and charity! Embrace! I love it!!
    :)) Martine

  2. Yes it could definately work!!! I love it!!! I am in, I am excited and nervous as I don't know how much I can make but with a few of us we can do it!!!

  3. Sounds fantastic! I'd love to help somehow but you know I don't have crafty skills...can I contribute by helping to buy resources eg. fabrics,braids etc.Perhaps I could make a fortnightly donation? Let me know what would work best...

  4. ok you have twisted my arm, I am in.

    Let me know what I can do, perhaps 2 singlets a week? And maybe the odd other thing?

    What a great idea and a great cause. Esty here we come!


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