Saturday, January 1, 2011

Embrace the countryside, the coast and the campsites

In the rush of the last few weeks, I just didn't get onto blogging about Christmas, or about the year that has now passed. And today I feel a bit out of breath to go back.
It was good, but it was busy and tiring.
But today is a new day.
A new year even!
So I'll start anew with a blogging week of hopes, dreams and goals for the coming year.
Resolutions, if you like.
First is one which I am longing for already.
Space. Adventure. Fun.
Grass. Sand. Sun.
I want to do more, experience more, run around more.
Just get out of this house more.
Doesn't that sound good?

I'd love to know your favourite outdoor activity (suitable for a family of 5) for us to enjoy!


  1. I love your short and sweet, and colourful, posts. As a family we have gone on bush walks with the baby (when we had one) in the sling/backpack. We used to take trips down to Redcliffe lagoon, visit the museum, walks around the neighbourhood. My sister-in-law goes tramping in NZ with her young family. I think that if it is something you want to do, you will find a way to do it.

  2. Happy 2011 you guys!

    - Art Galleries
    - Theatre (Thats where I'd be taking my kids if I still lived in Brisbane)
    - Paddle boating
    - Horse riding (just you girls)
    - Botanic garden picnic
    - Visit the state library
    - Bike ride
    - Create a family scrap-book together
    - Fly kites
    - Volunteer
    - Prank call their grandparents, using disguised, humorous voices

    oh these all sound fun now I am writing them!


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