Sunday, January 23, 2011


Tomorrow Elara is starting something.
When she finishes it, she will have become a young woman.
It's wonderful, and heartbreakingly real.

I feel quite ill prepared.
Not in the I-haven't-finished-covering-her-books kind of way.
More in the I-have-to-release-her-to-become-who-she-will-become kind of way.

Love is an evolving thing.
And so I smile at the future.


  1. Oh I just get an ache in my chest even thinking about my girls going to school. What a milestone for your family! Be strong Mummy! The adventure begins....

  2. My heart hurts thinking of Austin starting school. I'm sure the time has flown! I loved Kurwongbah when I was there, Kad, and I'm sure it will support your good work as Elara's first and best teacher X X

  3. I'd forgotten that you went to Kurwongbah Kate! It is hard to give over so much of Elara'a time to someone else. But now I'm motivated to make our weekends AWESOME and full of love and fun.

    Hey I'm assuming your blog is a private one? Journaling for Austin to read one day? Hope you're enjoying it, and him :)


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