Friday, January 21, 2011

She can't possibly be?

Is it just me or does this dress look too long for a girl who was happily resting (and by that I mean kicking and squirming) in my womb only 5 short years ago? Perhaps I'm just trying to believe that she could not possibly be old enough to start school next week!

I love the fabric in this dress, which I recycled from one of my old dresses. And, if given the chance I will always add a splash of red (in this case, some binding to make a pillowcase style dress) to something pink!


  1. It does look long! Gosh they grow fast don't they... I too have a little boy ging to school, he's so excited!! Is Elara? And I too love pink and red together :)

  2. inspiring :) on my list of things to learn- sewing :)

  3. spelf = your cousin chelsea....nickname from when I was little ;)

  4. It would be cool if that was Elara's school uniform!


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